i love old people & the music they do. ((((to accompany lloyd's article @ splicetoday.com/music/the-top-10-old-people-music-videos

she makes me want to grab your hand & maybe Kermit the frog’s too & then together we will all dance a slow waltz into the horizon. damal, will you make me your famous Indian cookies?

green beach ball belly man you are ruining everything. this man has god in his soul, let him let it out for jesus’s sake.

fred, the good guy. ah woo hoo hoo. bumpin bumpin bumpin. he knows life & he lives it good.

yeah, shake that tummy mama.

oh crap! why can’t grandpa eric be my grandpa? all my grandpa does is watch Fox news, call Lloyd “Leroy”, eat saltines and butter & make racial slurs.

white lady in the background, shut your mouth. rafiki look alike is tryin to make some cash money.

& the best- i know she's a well known lady, but oh my my my, my little heart.

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